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Date: 14 Jun 2021 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Haval Global
Source: Haval Global
Sales of HAVAL ranked seventh in South Africa, beating rivals such as Nissan and Kia. The retail sales of HAVAL JOLION won the first place among small SUV dealers just one month after released. According to the data of May from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA), sales of HAVAL ranked seventh in South Africa, beating rivals such as Nissan and Kia. The retail sales of HAVAL JOLION won the first place among small SUV dealers just one month after released.

User-oriented strategy, laying the foundation for development
HAVAL Motors South Africa(HMSA)always adheres to the policy of "Rooted in South Africa, Serve South Africa", aiming to meet the users' demands for vehicles based on user-oriented strategy. With changes in travel scenes and media habits of the new-generation consumers, HMSA quickly adjusts its communication strategy. Specifically, it focuses on the change in communication mode, from functional to personalized, and from pure preaching to emotional communication, thus responding to the coming era of personality value defined vehicles in South Africa in advance.

Sticking to the user-oriented strategy, HMSA and 67 dealers simultaneously exerted maximum effort to fully cover and accurately reach the target users by TV, outdoor billboards and rich communication scenes in shopping malls, so that HAVAL JOLION got a popularity boost quickly. Because of this, HAVAL JOLION delivered a satisfactory result by virtue of the outstanding sales data in the first month after launch.

Innovation beginning, leading a new journey
To implement the communication strategy of "from pure preaching to emotional communication", story-telling were used to convey the theme of "love" and "gift" in the launching activity of HAVAL JOLION, showing the brand's emotional value by emotional marketing. The overseas launching activity of HAVAL JOLION was dominated by brisk electronic music and laser shows instead of traditional unveiling and selling point preaching mode, creating a dynamic vibe that can showcase the youthful, tech-oriented HAVAL JOLION. It was these measures in South Africa that impressed the top media, bringing greatly increased media coverage and thus winning a sterling reputation of HAVAL JOLION in the initial stage of launching.

Launching activity of HAVAL JOLION in South Africa
Strong position of the brand determined by excellent products
It is said that the best process of loving someone is "from the value of appearance, to fall into talent, and to be loyal to character". How does HAVAL JOLION attract South African consumers by these three points? In South Africa, 80% of the population is black. Most of the black have a personality of pursuing individuality and daring to show themselves, so the unique green HAVAL JOLION quickly became a hit in South Africa for meshing well with the personality. A hot selling scene that demand exceeds supply has appeared. Furthermore, to attract independent, energetic young people having individual personalities, HAVAL JOLION, with its "talent" and "personality", impressed South African consumers not only depending on its appearance, but also on its intelligence and safety. In addition to the functions of wireless charging, automatic parking, full-speed range adaptive cruise control and lane keeping, HAVAL JOLION also has the latest and most advanced safety features in the industry such as emergency lane keeping, intelligent dodge and door open warning, which makes young people always experience the frontier of technology.

To build on the good results in the first month after launch, for HAVAL JOLION, HAVAL will continue to focus on the user-oriented strategy, and conduct activities that users like, such as circle activities and special salons for women. By continuously widening the radius of the user's life circle, we will realize the HAVAL JOLION ecological experience of co-creation, sharing and symbiosis with users. We believe that HAVAL JOLION will continue to realize its own breakthrough!
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