• Tips for driving in bad weather conditions:

ØAlways drive with your headlights on, especially when it’s misty. This will increase your own visibility as well as other drivers’ visibility.

Ø Avoid heavy braking and don’t drive with your cruise control on as this prevents you from having full control over your vehicle.

Ø Use your windshield wipers for a clear vision on the road.

Ø Ensure there is a driving distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

Ø Beware of puddles/still standing water on the road, as driving through water can cause hydroplaning. (Vehicle starts to slide uncontrollably due to tires on a wet surface)

• What do you do if your vehicle starts to Hydroplane?

Ø You are probably thinking slamming down on the brake, by doing so your car will lose whatever traction it had on the road. Best would be to stay calm, don’t overreact, take your foot off the gas and turn your steering wheel in the same direction as the car is sliding. So, if the back of the vehicle is sliding to the left, turn your wheels to the left. Once your vehicle stops sliding, take a deep breath and drive on.

Ø Try to drive in the tire tracks left by other vehicles this will minimize the chances of your vehicle to hydroplane.