Warning light varies in colour according to the seriousness of a mechanical / system problem:

  • A red warning light indicates either a severe problem, safety issue or it could serve as a reminder of service maintenance. Contact your dealership immediately.
  • Yellow/Orange light indicates that a component needs servicing / repair. If the light flashes, contact your nearest dealership.
  • Green/Blue light lets the driver know that a system is active and operating.

A more serious warning light:

  • Brake warning light 
  • (RED) It indicates there’s a problem with the brakes.

  • Engine Temperature : 
  • (RED) Engine has overheated
  • (BLUE) Coolant temperature is low
  • (RED & BLUE blinking) Electrical wiring malfunction

  • Oil : 
  • Indicate low pressure

  • Battery :
  • Battery problems / Alternator