A sudden drop in fuel levels can be blamed on several factors. There are some serious factors and some minor that can be easily changed. Proper maintenance does not only improve the lifespan of the vehicle but can also have a great impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Factors affecting your fuel consumption:
Driving Habits
  • Are you an aggressive driver, guilty of speeding and excessive braking?
  • Keeping the engine running (idling) for long periods while waiting.


  • Incorrect tyre pressure, worn tyres or, are out of alignment can cause a drop in fuel efficiency.


Motor Oil
  • Have you had your oil changed recently?
  • Are you using the correct motor oil for your vehicle?


Faulty Spark Plugs
  • Can lead to misfire in the engine which can relate to poor engine performance, causing a drop in fuel efficiency.


Faulty/ Dirty Oxygen Sensor
  • Responsible for air-to-fuel ratio, a faulty sensor can send the wrong measurement, telling the Engine Control Unit to inject more fuel than what is needed. Adding unnecessary additional fuel to the system.


Clogged Air filter
  • The air filter can get clogged over time, restricting the amount of air to enter the engine, thus making the engine work harder and affecting the performance of your vehicle.


Clogged/ Faulty Fuel Injectors
  • Injectors supply fuel to the engine. When faulty/ clogged, less fuel will be injected into the engine, the engine starts losing power leading to a drop in fuel efficiency.


Solutions to increase your fuel consumption:
  • Adjust your driving habits by maintaining a safe and consistent speed.
  • Regular maintenance on your vehicle, checking the tyre pressure, changing filters and oil checks when needed.
  • Avoid idling for long periods of time.